About Captain Jerry

Captain Jerry Slayton left the corporate world after 30 years to pursue his love of sailing and outdoor adventure. He has sailed since 1986 in local waters as well as the US Eastern Coast, Florida Keys, and the British Virgin Islands.

Licensed by the  United States Coast Guard,  Jerry is certified by the American Sailing Association as an Instructor for Basic Keelboat Sailing, Basic Coastal Cruising, and Coastal Navigation.

Sail with him aboard Namaste for an adventure on the waters around Charleston’s sea islands and the great Atlantic Ocean. Contact Sailing the Edge of America today.

Captain Jerry Sailing the Edge SC

Captain Jerry Loves sailing and outdoor adventure.

Dan on the Namaste
Fun time in Stuart, FL
Captain Jerry on 4th of July
Cruising in the FL Keys
Captain Jerry sailing Miami area
Sailing in Miami FL
Captain Jerry Fishing
Great Catch Off Atlantic
Captain Jerry on Vacation
British Virgin Islands
Captain Jerry by the Helm
British Virgin Islands

What is Coast Guard Licensed Captain?

To carry passengers for hire, licenses are required. The license includes charters for fishing, sightseeing, diving, transportation, teaching, or any use considered a “passenger for hire” situation. Many companies require them for boat deliveries.

OUPV License

This license is appropriately named “Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels” (OUPV). Sometimes called the “6-Pack” or “Charterboat Captain License. Uninspected means the boat’s design is less regulated, and 6-Pack refers to a limitation of 6 passengers placed on the license.

Licenses are issued for a particular route. The license can be used on the Great Lakes, Coastal Routes within 100 miles offshore, bays, rivers, lakes, etc. OUPV licenses are given to vessels that are 100 Gross Tons (about 100 feet, more or less). You may upgrade your OUPV license to a Master’s license.

Coast Guard Licensed Captain
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